Month: September 2017

Conversation NSFW

Let’s talk about a surprising switch during the hurricane

Hurricane Irma brought quite a few things to light when it blew through Florida last week. One of the things it brought was surprising to everyone; I’m apparently a switch. I’m forty-three years old and I am an alpha female. It’s just who I am. Or so I thought. This past weekend has shown me […]


Let’s Talk About Hurricane Irma (How To Survive in Florida)

Hurricane Irma is currently, as of time of posting, chewing her way through the Caribbean. Living here in Florida puts me dead center in her path as she continues her destruc-ation across the Atlantic. And if she alone weren’t enough, she brought her cousin Jose and his little sister Katia along for fun in the […]


Let’s Talk About Florida and Boob Sweat

Florida was admitted to the United States in March of 1845, becoming the twenty-seventh state. Florida translates to “Land of Flowers” and, as everyone knows, is commonly referred to as “The Sunshine State”. We enjoy hosting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens in addition to being the first state people think of when […]

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