Let’s talk about vibrators

Let’s talk about vibrators

Most adults have a vibrator. You may not be admitting to it but you absolutely have or have had a vibrator of some kind. And it’s not any different if you’re male identified, female identified, or genderfluid; vibrators are almost a rite of passage for a teenager moving into adulthood. Admittedly, today in 2017, the choice of vibrators in the regular sex shoppes are all the same and the average person isn’t going to research better, but you should! A vibrator can enhance your sex life, whether solo or with partner(s).

My first vibrator

It’s safe to say that everyone has, at one point or another, owned one. The phallic shaped, hard plastic vibrator that looked more like an elongated bullet than sex toy. It was battery operated, had the controls in the base which controlled the speed, and it was a solid first introduction to clitoral stimulation. Some people continue to use them because, while they aren’t fancy, they do get the job done. It’s unisexual and easy to use. It wasn’t much for insertion but for direct clitoral or prostate stimulation, it got it done.

A less terrible vibrator

After a few years, you graduated from the plastic phallus to something better. Women usually went for rabbit style vibrators, where the shaft was more realistic shaped but included a bonus clitoral stimulator. Men either give up on vibrators and move on towards masturbators, such as a sleeve, or they enjoy prostate massagers that vibrate. And that’s usually where the exploration stops. (keep in mind, this is purely about vibrators and we aren’t discussing dildos yet). The rabbit style vibrator is pretty much king in the average American household. Bullet vibrators and the occasional foray into a vibrating anal plug spice things up, but as far as vibrators go, this is the end.

Introducing sex bloggers

Over the last five years or so, more and more blogs are popping up with individuals that identify as “sex bloggers”. Allow me to say, right up front, these women are angels in my eyes. They opened my eyes to a world of vibrators I’d never even thought of. In particular, Kate Sloan of Girly Juice has a toybox complete with a rating system that has inspired me to try a few that I’d never even heard of. And my orgasms have been more powerful and more relaxing than any I’ve had in the past. The Eroscillator is a new favourite because it’s less like a vibrator and more like a … well, it’s like a pulsing as opposed to the pounding of a vibrator. And who doesn’t love a vibrator that plugs in as opposed to batteries that die just at the wrong moment. The Eroscillator is not cheap but it is a truly fantastic investment for your sexual exploration.

I assume you’ve read through to the end and that you’ve owned a vibrator in the past. So, tell me which are your favourites? Have you tried any vibrators that are on your must own list?




  1. Magic Egg – I have a magic egg. For me it only works on the lowest setting, higher settings it is too powerful. What I like to do is put it on my taint.

    But – okay I feel somewhat guilty about this, like I owe her for what I did – back when I still had twitter on my phone, I had Twitter set to vibrate mode. A few times I stuck it in my pants and flirted with Princess Andi on Twitter via my desktop so that when she replied – my phone would be vibrate and not only vibrate, but vibrate because of Andi.

    The magic egg though is my favorite. Damn it feels so good.

    1. Oh Alice! I can’t tell you how hot that visual is for me. My phone doesn’t vibrate that much or I’d try it. I can imagine sitting in my chair, relaxing with a few pillows behind my head, laptop across my knees and my phone tucked into my panties. My fingers could tease each key as I flirted, each message like a physical touch.


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