Rushing to Cum! A Handy Guide to Jerking Off

Rushing to Cum! A Handy Guide to Jerking Off

You’re always so busy running around, trying to get somewhere. You rush to get out of the house in the morning, hoping to beat the traffic. You rush through your day, hoping to put out one fire after another. Then you’re rushing to beat traffic on the commute home. Rush to get dinner ready. Rush to read emails before bed. Hell, most of us are in such a rush to get to sleep that we end up taking a little something to help … which only ends up in rushing the morning. I have even heard of a handful of you rushing to jerk-off so you can get through to the next thing on your list. Can you imagine? Scheduling your self-love? We can’t have that! I’m a firm believer in making time for yourself; taking what opportunities arise and indulging in them as much as possible. This is why I enjoy guided masturbation sessions as much as I do! It not only forces you to enjoy yourself but allows you the opportunity to put someone else in control. The only thing you are responsible for at that time is obeying what your Mistress tells you and following my commands. Some of you might be a little confused as to exactly what goes into a guided session of jerking off, so this handy short post will hopefully help you to get a better understanding.

Jerking off? But I know how to do that already!

Technically yes, you already know “how,” but are you practicing? Just knowing how to do something doesn’t mean you’re actively participating. I know “how” to ride a bicycle, but that doesn’t mean I’m out doing so every day (bad memories of broken noses prevent me from ever being on two wheels). Jerking off is something that should never be perfunctory. There’s more to it than just the up-and-down stroking that most of my boys excel at; there’s more to your dick than the shaft alone! With a guided masturbation session, I can teach you different techniques that are designed to extend your pleasure and increase your desire.

What’s a little slap-and-tickle between friends?

Some call it “teasing,” while others call it “delayed orgasm.” Whichever term you use, it comes down to the same result; your orgasm being better than you have achieved on your own in a long time. With just a few words of encouragement (or enticement) I can help your cock to throb and ache to the point of distraction. Imagine the feeling of a warm hand, slipping down between your thighs and teasing her fingers over your shaft; the pressure and the delicacy combining to create an intensity you could never achieve on your own. The sound of my voice in your ear, whispering all the delicious things my fingers and hands are doing. The slow agony of your cock almost cumming, only to be delayed one more time …

I’m Mistress Ryan. I’m back, and we’re going to have a bit of fun together.


  1. Yes, Mistress , I ache to beat it to a huge release but still no release allowed for my frustrated virgin meat. I will go deeper, pumping to that edge again tonight….knowing my place….yes, Ma’am!!!!!!

      1. Thank YOU, Mistress Ryan. And You know how I adore being owned and teased and ultimately denied by You and all who control me. Take me deeper. I will submit. Tonight, I will take a 5.5 inch vibrating plug into me while I pump if it pleases you.
        Stripping down now to work it for hours into the night without allowing that enormous release, to sweat…to be owned and controlled…….
        Love, Edward

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