Coming Around Again: The Return of Ryan

Coming Around Again: The Return of Ryan

phone sex mistressOkay, so it’s a crap blog title, but follow along. Recently I took a break from working with LDW. After fourteen years of being here, I needed a mental break for myself. Things were going on that required one-hundred percent of my attention, and I wasn’t able to provide that to both my life and to you. So I bit the bullet, turned my proverbial phone “off” and stepped back for a few months. Since the beginning of twenty-twenty, I’ve left Ocala and am now living in a lovely apartment with my lover, my wife, and our live-in slave. I’ve been working from home doing a “regular” nine-to-five job and spending time in the virtual world, SecondLife. All in all, the last four months have been very steady, routine, and the polar opposite of who I usually am. It’s been an adjustment, but one that I think was important.

Just before I took my break, my wife said something that caught me off-guard. She commented that I was breaking one of my hard and fast rules for being in this Lifestyle. I wasn’t providing proper aftercare. When I became defensive (yeah it happens), she pointed out that she wasn’t talking about my care of her … she was pointing out that I wasn’t taking care of myself as I should. I was spending all my time pouring out my energy to too many places, and I wasn’t giving attention to the most crucial place … myself. I wasn’t sleeping well (even worse than usual, if we’re honest). I was giving myself a terrible time about what I saw as my lesser-than moments. I wasn’t enjoying my life, I was just living it. And that’s not a place that I wanted to remain.

After discussing this with Miss Ally and a few other of my close friends, I took the leap into stepping back from Ryan. At first, it was terrible. I felt like there was a giant piece of ME that was missing … who am I if I’m not here to live up to my promise that I would always listen. What of those of my boys out there who had no one else to speak to? I worried and drove my household a little … errm …. Insane. But I needed to do that for myself, so I could come back stronger and be the Mistress you deserve. So I could find my passion once again and re-dedicate myself to both my chosen lifestyle and my callers. I’ve missed hearing about your days, chatting about your fetishes, and hearing those cute little whimpers you make when I’m fucking you.

So there you have it. As for the question of who I am, now that I’ve gone around the circle again … I’m Mistress Ryan. I’m the strapon mistress of your fantasies and a few of your nightmares. I’ll be on primarily on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for now, with the occasional appearance later in the evenings (after 9pm EST) on other days. You can still reach me at and setting up an appointment is still the preferred way to ensure a session with me.

I’ve missed you. But I’m back now.

5 thoughts on “Coming Around Again: The Return of Ryan

  1. Good to see you back, Mistress! I have been a good frustrated male slave and look forward to pumping for you again soon.

    1. Thank you, my sweet Virgin Aries slave … I do so love when you sweat and ache for me!

  2. Ms Ryan!

    So glad you are back and you took much needed time to take care of yourself! We have such a great time doing what we do , we sometimes forget that although fantastic is draining and self-care is so important! Welcome back, looking to have some fun with you!

    1. Oh I’ve kept up with your social media … I cannot WAIT to have fun with YOU as well! So utterly delicious!

  3. Thank YOU, Mistress Ryan!! On my knees tonight, head up, shoulders back, chest out and pumping slowly to the hard frustrated weeping edge over and over again without the huge release that I crave and dripping with sweat!! I will go deeper!!!!

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