The Return of Ryan

The Return of Ryan

Has a nice ring to it, no? Mistress Ryan Returns seemed a bit … cartoonish. And while I am many things, including a cuckoldress, a masturbatrix, and an absolute Bitch, I am never cliché. So I have decided to come back for a while, put those few of you who need it back in line, and indulge in a bit of my own … fun.

I’ve heard rumours that circulated. The hushed whisper in a dark corner of the room, furtive glances to make sure you aren’t overheard. You see, I still have my connections to the world, and friends who keep me abreast of all that is happening. And they’ve been very good about making sure those of you out in the world have been behaving in my absence. However, the time has come for me to … put some of those rumours to rest.

Be on the lookout, my darlings … This could get interesting.

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