Can you taste it yet?

Can you taste it yet?

lips, taste, sexyOnce he caught the aroma in his nose, there was no turning back. Instantly, his entire body responded and he felt a rush of heat go coursing through him as he leaned ever so slightly closer to the scent, straining for another taste of it in the back of your throat. Sweet with juices that would coat his tongue, he remembers the last time and can’t stop the smile that comes to his face at the memory. It had been bliss, just as it always was. By the time he’d been finished, he’d been a wreck, but it didn’t matter. He needed it again. He knew it.

When his mouth came into contact with the warm flesh, his mouth flooded and a small moan escaped his lips. The skin was just slightly cooler than his own, and he felt the relief against his cheek. A sigh escapes him as he presses a closed-lip kiss against the skin, and he is rewarded with more of that scent as he breathes in. There was a spiciness to it. It was the only way to describe the warmth that invited him to try a little more, was a spicy, sparkling taste at the back of his throat. He needed more. Another breath, more of that scent filled him, and his body responded with a quickening heartbeat and a light sweat breaking out over his skin as he shuddered. Panting, he presses his lips to the skin once more, daring to slide his tongue just between them to get that taste, and his mouth is filled with pure bliss. Heaven. More. He needs more.

The moans from above him encourage him to keep going, and he opens his mouth to lick the skin with the entire length of his tongue. It’s an explosion of taste and texture, sensation and sensuality. He lifts his face, pressing closer, and stares at it. Throbbing in time with their heartbeat, he can see every pulse. He can see where he licked the skin, still shiny with his spit, and goes back down for another taste, this time on the other side. And when he goes to pull away, their hands in his hair keep him where he is. Back down, his hands trembling as he holds himself still and uses all of his energy to kissing and licking the sweetness into his mouth, his tongue darting back and forth as he takes small tastes.

This is bliss.

This is service.



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