I joined a particular club while on vacation

I joined a particular club while on vacation

You know the one I’m talking about. The one we all joke about joining, but never think we’d ACTUALLY join? Yeah, that one.

I was flying between Philadelphia and Las Vegas to go see Miss Ally herself, and there was a delicious looking flight attendant that caught my eye. We were delayed in Philadelphia for over an hour on a connecting flight, and I’d noticed her as soon as she came down the corridor to our gate. Smartly dressed in her navy blue uniform and dark colored stockings, she had platinum blond hair pulled up in a bun so sleek, there wasn’t a hair out of place, and her eyes were almost navy blue they were so dark. I looked away (didn’t want to get caught staring) and glanced around the terminal before coming back to look at her again. She was standing near the doorway leading down to the plane, talking to another attendant, and I could see her figure in profile. While she didn’t have the traditional curves, her body was very compact and she looked very trim with a sensational pair of legs. I may or may not have imagined them over my shoulders every time I glanced over. On the third or fourth time I glanced over, I happened to catch her eye. In a moment, I thought she’d caught me, but instead I watched her face flush pink from under her mask. Well THAT was certainly interesting … made even more so when she didn’t immediately glance away. And I swear, her mask moved as though she bit her lower lip. I felt myself get wet watching her mouth move under the mask and I wondered what her mouth was like.

Once we were able to board, I found her name was Kendra and she was the attendant for coach class. I figured once she was on the plane, our little game would end, and at first it did. But as I was putting my luggage up, something brushed my elbow and when I glanced around, there she stood. Smelling like fresh spring and something herbal, she apologized even as her smile turned back into something sexy and promising. Her voice was husky, like Kathleen Turner, and she had a southern accent, though I couldn’t tell you from where. She leaned toward me, one hand on my suitcase as she helped push it into the hold, and I could see her nipples were so hard they poked through her blouse. Once she finished pushing the bag back, she whispered to me, “If you’re playing the same game, meet me at the back of the plane in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later, I was at the back of the plane with Kendra.

The rest of this story … well, you’d  have to call me to find out how it ends.

Happy Travels


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