Thankful November

Thankful November

November is always a hectic month for me, between my professional responsibilities and personal pursuits, the niceties of downtime become a foreign concept. However, this year I wanted to take the opportunity to share what I am thankful for over the last fourteen years. And it’s even seasonally appropriate, so consider this my pumpkin-spiced blog post for the decade.

Thankful for Family

First and foremost, everyone that makes up LDW is family, but in this instance, I’m talking about those that I have grown close with over the years. I’ve had the chance to meet a few of you, live with a couple of you, and share parts of our lives away from LDW, and my life is richer for it. The sisterhood that exists between us all is what makes working with each of you such a privilege.

Thankful for my Clients

Whether you have known me since that first night, Halloween of two thousand and seven, or just recently had a call with me, thank you for every moment you have shared with me, both intimate and dirty. Thank you for trusting me to weave our fantasies of the delicate to the debauched and for your gift of your submission.

As most of you know, I took about a year away, but my return has been full of so much to be thankful for, I just had to take the opportunity to say it.

And Happy Fisting of the Bird Day!



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