The truth about fantasies

The truth about fantasies

Is it true that everyone has fantasies? I have no idea. Is it true that everyone I speak to has sexual fantasies? One-hundred percent true. But recently, I had an experience with someone’s fantasy that I’d never expected, and it’s been weighing on my mind for almost a week.

Am I weird?

I was speaking with one of my cuckold husbands and we were in the middle of our scene when he asked me, out of the clear blue, “Mistress, am I weird for always wanting the same fantasy over and over?” I didn’t even have to think about my answer (most assuredly not!) and our call continued, but at the end, I had to take a minute to really think about that question. Is it weird to want the same fantasies and fetishes all the time? Do some fetishes come and go with the passing of time or is there some sort of stopwatch to how long a fantasy is hot?

Fantasies can go stale

I’d be lying if I said fantasies don’t go stale, because they are subjective. You may fantasize about one thing all your life, or you may have temporary fantasies that eventually fade out of your rotation. Either one is just as hot as the other, but it comes down to preference. And human preference can change with the whim of a redhead today and a blonde next week, or pasta every day for a week (please note I do not advise this. Blondes can be more fun, but the pasta every day is going to come back and bite you in your newly generous arse).

Enhanced Fantasies

Knowing what turns you on is important. And part of the thrill in some fantasies is the shared aspect; someone else who understands it and can make it better. I love helping my boys find their fantasies or enhance a fantasy they’ve had for a while. Whether it’s through roleplay or storytelling, weaving the fantasy together is part of why I love being a phone sex Mistress.



  1. Some great points Ms Ryan! I find it more fascinating when a tried and true fantasy “does it” for someone over the long run. Why? Well, considering our big brains need
    for novelty, and the curse of desensitization of a particular stimulus. Don’t get me wrong “it’s all good”, after all I am the Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress LOL

    It’s also one reason why I ask repeat callers “What is on your mind, today?” Because, like you said ,sometimes desires ebb and flow, or a new concept catches their “eye” *winks*

    See you around the Empire! ????

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