Nylon Fetish and Masturbation

Nylon Fetish and Masturbation

Nylons. Stockings. Pantyhose. Tights. All of these are the same things, but they each have their own little niche. Lucie Fielding, sex educator and author of Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments, defines a nylon fetish at its most basic as the sexual interest in various facets of nylons. It’s the sexual arousal of that ephemeral feeling of silk sliding along flesh, and it’s not just limited to wearing them!

Nylons Make Everything Sexy

Two pictures, side by side. Which one catches your eye first? I’m betting it’s the image on the right. Both images showcase all thirty-six inches of my legs, but the one on the right has that “something extra” that makes you sit up and pay attention. Many of you have said the images where I’m dressed in the black are some of your favourite and I have to say I agree. I feel sexier when I’m wearing nylons or stockings with suspenders, and I know a few crossdressers that agree with me! You can’t help but feel womanlier (more womanly? womanlier?) when you glide them up your legs. And if you’re lucky enough to be getting dressed after a full body massage, that feeling only intensifies.


Masturbating with Nylons

I wrote a blogpost some years ago about men in lingerie, and one of the men I spoke to used to wear pantyhose under his jeans while at work. He said the sensation was unlike anything else and I have to admit the visual he painted was delicious. Which led me to thinking about some JOI using nylons! For this, you’re going to need to get a pair of pantyhose (I’d suggest splurging on a pair of super silky ones like the Fully Fashioned Spanis Heel) or a simple pair of knee-hi stockings from your local convenience/drugstore. You won’t need any lube for this one.

Have I piqued your interest? Why not give me a call with your results!

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  1. Ms Ryan!
    Sexy post about those sexy leg coverings! You are spot on when you say stockings make you feel sexier! Although I love getting all sexed up with lovely lingerie and stockings( gets me in the “MOOD”,) I think the reason for the increase in my feeling sexier isn’t exclusively the sexy fabric or how it makes my legs look, it is knowing what my lovely leg snuggled in that delectable silk does to men/partners!

    Chicken/egg situation?

    Regardless, it’s sexy!

    See you around the Empire, sexy!!

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