BBC Sissy Training

BBC Sissy Training

There are many types of sissy training that a sissy can undergo. One of the most intense–and exciting–types is BBC sissy training.

If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, “BBC” stands for “big black cock.” And BBC sissy training, of course, is training you to take big black in both your holes! Doesn’t *that* sound exciting?

Your training will begin with my strap on cock, Darth (coincidentally also huge and black.) You’ll begin by learning to suck it properly. I’ll give you all the instructions you need to learn how to serve big black cock with your mouth. Once I’m satisfied with your ability to suck, I’ll train your ass to take that BBC inside you. You’ll need plenty of anal training to get to the point that you can take it, but I’m happy to provide that for you.

Then, after I’m certain you can perform well with my strap on, I’ll invite my big, black friend Deon over to help us. He’ll pull out his huge twelve inch long, three inch thick big black cock for you to service. Don’t worry, he’s a gentle giant, so he’ll be kind to you as you’re learning. You can show him what you’ve learned with my strap on, and he’ll tell you everything else you need to know about servicing real cock.

Once you’ve pleased Darth & Deon, he has a number of friends he can invite over to use you as well. It’ll be quite a test of your BBC sissy training to be the centerpiece in a BBC gangbang!


  1. Mistress Ryan,

    You know from our calls that I definitely love BBC. I would be thrilled to be the centerpiece of a BBC gangbang. I love Big Black Cock in my mouth and deep in my man-pussy. You know I’m such a faggot slut bottom bitch — AND I LOVE IT !!!

    I can’t wait for our next call so that we can talk about this more.

    Your loyal sissy faggot bottom bitch,

  2. Ms Ryan, I am sure there is more than a hand full of sissy gurls just clamoring for the opportunity to be your BBC sucking slut!
    You paint a lovely, albeit naughty image of exactly what those sluts can expect! ????

      1. I had my first BBC last week. It was amazing. I never came so much in my life. I already want another one. He wouldn’t even let me touch my cock. He grabbed my arm an said no touching bitch. I tried several times but he would not let me. I still came some how. I need another one.


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