Sissy Humiliation

Sissy Humiliation

When it comes to sources of entertainment, sissy boys are always a good bet. Why, you ask? Because they’re always good for a giggle or two at their expense, and they tend to be very good sports about it. In fact, I’d wager that most of them actually enjoy providing women with those giggle! I know many of them that I talk to do.

Another way that sissies provide entertainment is that they tend to be up for most things. So no matter what it is I want to do or see, sissy phone sex callers are willing to give it a go. If I want to see a sissy girl play with her clit behind her panties and put on a show for me, I can find one. If I want to get out my trusty strap on and fuck a sissy slut silly, there is no shortage of sissies lining up for the privilege of being fucked by Mistress Ryan. If I am in the mood to see a sissy suck off a real man, there’s no shortage of cock-loving sissies to go around, either. If I don’t want to clean my house because I’m feeling lazy or under the weather, I can find myself a sissy maid to take care of that for me. So basically, whatever I could possibly want on any given day, a good sissy can provide it for me.

If you’re a sissy boy who likes providing your Mistress with services and entertainment, then I think you and I will get along wonderfully. I would love to hear from you if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, so don’t keep me waiting too long, ok?


  1. Ms Ryan!

    You are spot on, sissy bois come in all shapes sizes and services! (SSS?) Providing needed service as well as the erotic, kinky entertainment as well!
    They are a delectable bunch, for sure!

    See you around the Empire! ????

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