CEI by Mistress Ryan

CEI by Mistress Ryan

CEI phone sexYou may have noticed the acronym “CEI” in places around the Internet, like on my personal site, some of the other LDW sites, or even just about any kink site you can imagine. But what does it mean, exactly? What do those three letters stand for?

CEI stands for “Cum Eating Instructions.” So when I tell you I enjoy CEI phone sex, it means that I like to tell you how to eat your own cum at my command. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

And, really, it is simple. It’s like most other Femdom fantasies. It involves me telling you something, and you doing what you’re told. You can handle that for me, can’t you? Of course you can!

But like everything else, CEI phone sex can be more complex than simply, “Eat your cum for me.” “Yes, Mistress.” I can give you instructions about how to eat it–such as, mixed in with your morning coffee, frozen in ice cube form, or straight from the source. Or I can tell you what position I’d like you to be in as you eat your own cum for me. Perhaps I’ll have you lying on your back with your legs up high, giving yourself a facial. That could certainly be interesting, couldn’t it?

The only limits to my cum eating instructions are the limits of my imagination. And let me tell you, this dirty imagination of mine has very few of those. So if you’d like to partake in some CEI phone sex, why not give me a call? You’ll be so glad you did!

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  1. Yummy Ms. Ryan! between your sexy silhouette and that sultry sexy AF voice, I can’t imagine anyone NOT doing as you’ve told! I can attest, fella’s that the “Only limit is Ms Ryans imagination” = “The sky is the limit”, “off the chain”, and “OMG What are you doing with that CUM?!?!?!”

    LOL See you around the Empire! ????

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