Cum Eating Cuckold

Cum Eating Cuckold

Open mouth with white, creamy substance dripping over her tongueAre you a wannabe creampie-eating cuckold? Do you want to serve your Cuckoldress to the very best of your ability in this regard? If so, then I have a task for you!

Creampie eating is, of course, just cum eating by another name. You simply eat the cum out of whatever orifice your Cuckoldress tells you to. (It’s generally her pussy, but it could be any of them, depending on her whim.) It’s the fact that it’s inside her that makes it a creampie. Otherwise, it’s just cum, right?

So if you’re a would-be cuckold, it only makes sense that you should practice cuckold cum eating. Yes, that means eating your own cum for me in order to practice your creampie cleanup skills. You can jerk off and eat it directly off your fingers if you want to make it easy. But if you’d like a challenge, I suggest trying it by jerking off while wearing an unlubed condom and then licking it all back out of the condom after you’re finished in order to simulate cleaning the cum out of your Cuckoldress’s pussy.

Not every cuckold is into this sort of thing, so if you are, that makes you an even more valuable resource for your Mistress! And if you already know you can easily eat your own cum before you’re ever in a cuckolding situation, you’ll know you won’t have any trouble with her bull’s cum, either. So you’re more likely to be allowed to watch and participate if you’ve engaged in being a cum eating cuckold before. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


  1. I experienced that firsthand. One night, me and my live-in gf had an argument, and she grabbed her jacket and said she was going out. About 3 hours later she cums back, the clothes she was wearing looked in disarray and her hair was a mess. She did not care, she led me into the bedroom, stripped naked and ordered me to go down on her.
    I don’t know why she was with but the sheer amount of cum inside her she wanted me to lick up.
    All the while she was telling me in detail what she did with the other guy. That emasculated the heck out of me.

  2. Mistress Ryan, this is Sissy Slut Samantha. I love eating cum, particularly from a big bull alpha male. And I live eating cream pie from my dominant mistress’ pussy. But Mistress Rachel says I am lot likely to be a good cuckhold because I crave cock so much that I would be too likely to push my wife out of the way and hop on the bull’s cock for myself. Maybe she could cuff and restrain me before the bull arrives? But, to your point, I do love eating cum, especially directly from an alpha’s dick. Thanks very much for the post.

  3. I would eat a creampie I created but I could never be a cuckold and while I can fantasize about a kinky threesome where I might find myself eating another man’s cum it would probably be best to leave it a fantasy.


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