Is Edging Bad For You?

Is Edging Bad For You?

So you may have noticed that this month, I’m focusing a lot on orgasm edging and edging phone sex. This is because edging is one of those things I really enjoy doing to guys. But I also think it doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves for some reason. So this month, we will be shining a light on–and singing the praises of–orgasm edging!

Now, one of the things that sometimes comes up when I’m talking about edging is the question of “Is edging bad for you?” I can give you an unequivocal “no” on that one! Edging is not bad for you at all. In fact, it’s very good for you. It improves your sexual stamina, for one, and also helps you become more obedient to your Femdom Mistress by learning how to follow her instructions more closely. So it’s kind of a two-for-one deal, you see.

The one caveat to the question of whether or not edging is bad for you is this: Edging without any release, ever, is not good. You need some kind of release in order to get rid of the build-up of ejaculate inside your body. This does not, however, preclude a ruined orgasm because a ruined orgasm is still a release. You still get rid of the fluid that’s inside you. It just doesn’t feel particularly good!

Plus, I always laugh a little when I give a man a ruined orgasm. It’s like pulling the rug out from under him. He’s expecting an orgasm–and he gets one–but it’s not quite what he was thinking he was going to get. Sort of like making a deal with the Devil, I suppose you could say.

Anyway, if you were concerned about the healthiness of edging, I hope I helped to allay your concerns. Now, why not give it a try this month?

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