Let’s Talk About JOI

Let’s Talk About JOI

In my last blog post, we talked a little about orgasm edging, what it is, and how it works. I’d like to focus a little more today on the “how it works” aspect, especially in relation to Femdom phone sex.

Generally, the way edging works with a Mistress like me is via edging JOI. JOI, in case you didn’t know, means “jerk-off instructions.” So that means that I’ll tell you how to stroke for me. You may get very specific instructions about technique, or you may just be told to play with yourself in whatever manner feels comfortable for you. Either way, you should definitely follow these instructions to make sure you have the very best edging experience possible.

In addition to me telling you how to jerk off, I’ll also be telling you *when* you can jerk off and when you can’t. You’ll need to be very open and honest with me about how close you are to orgasm. I don’t want you going over the edge without permission, after all. So when you get really close, you’ll need to let me know so that I can tell you to stop and give you a few minutes to come back down from that ledge. Then, once you’ve cooled down a bit, we’ll build you right back up, all over again!

Don’t worry, though. I will let you cum eventually during our little edging JOI session. But I do have to admit, I have so much fun getting you almost there and stopping, so there will probably be a good bit of that beforehand. I’m sure you can manage it, though. So don’t delay! Go ahead and give me a call and get your edging JOI session with me today!

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