Orgasm Edging

Orgasm Edging

Hi there, guys. Let’s talk about orgasm edging today, shall we?

This is one of my favorite things to talk about because I just love to do it to my submissives. I like doing it with experienced subs as well as with subs who have never tried it before. It’s always fun to introduce someone to something they’ve never done before, but it’s especially fun when said thing results in the best orgasm they’ve ever had in their life!

Let’s back up a step or two before get to that part, though. First of all, we should probably define the phrase “orgasm edging” for those of you who are unsure about what it is.

Orgasm edging (or just “edging”) is the act of bringing yourself or someone else to the so-called “edge” of orgasm repeatedly, but not letting them cum straight away. You get them very, very close, and then you stop. And then you do it again and again and again.

You may be wondering what the fun of this is. Well, it creates some really intense feelings, for one. Every time you get close to cumming, it feels very good. Then, you can ride that wave for a while instead of just immediately going over the edge. You can do this for as long as possible … at the very least, for as long as I want you to be on that edge.

But eventually, you’ll get to the point that you just NEED to cum for me. And I’ll let you … in my own way. After I’ve brought you to the brink several times, and you can feel all that pressure building up inside of you, that magical phrase falls from my lips and you think it’s going to be several times better than it usually is. After all, you’ve been edged repeatedly and are craving that release! But you get it the way I want you to have it … and I say we ruin it! What’s better than an orgasm?  A ruined orgasm, of course!

Now doesn’t that sound lovely? Why not give orgasm edging phone sex a try with me?


  1. I love stripping down at the command of Mistress, standing at attention, chest pumped out, shoulders back, head up, at her mercy and ready to pump my virgin meat to that edge as long as she desires!!!!

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