A Sissy Chastity Guide

A Sissy Chastity Guide

Hello, and welcome to Mistress Ryan’s Sissy Chastity Guide. Today, we’ll be discussing the topic of sissy chastity and what you can expect if you’re curious about being my chaste sissy!

Fully Dressed Sissy

You’ve all shown me how beautiful and slutty you are in your sissy finest, but it’s important to take that next step to ensure you are a fully dressed sissy. In my opinion, no matter what you’re wearing–no matter how many or how few clothes you have on–as a sissy, you are not fully dressed without your chastity device. This may happen after a few weeks, or a few months, but eventually my goal is to make it so you don’t feel as though your outfit is complete without a cage on.

Sissy Chastity for Beginners

While I’d never start you off with weeks and months of wearing a device, understand that my ultimate goal is permanent chastity. Personally, I prefer putting a sissy in a pink device to remove any delusions of masculinity that may remain behind. Something about the sissy being unable to see their tiny penis and only able to see pink down there helps to embrace their femininity, I think. And that is always a good thing!

Training and Release

It might suit me to be generous and let you out regularly, or it might suit me to only let you out every six months or so. You can never really tell when it comes to my whims. But understand that ultimately, it’s my decision on when you are released and how long you are allowed out of your cage.

So if you would like to discuss sissy chastity in greater detail, why not give me a call? I’m certain we can come up with a regimen that’s right for you.


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