Is Male Chastity For You?

Is Male Chastity For You?

Male chastity is a bit like the elephant in the room; everyone knows about it but few people talk about it. SO, let’s be brave, take a few minutes, and really talk about what it means to permanently give up control of your cock.

When someone says permanent chastity, what does that mean to you? Is it forever or are there limits to it? How long is temporary chastity and at what point does it become permanent? Is there a clear line between the two? The answer is yes … but with conditions.

Temporary versus permanent chastity

Male chastity is all about lengths of time, however long or short they may be. Generally speaking, temporary chastity is a set and agreed-upon length of time. At the end, the cage is removed and you are free to masturbate as much or as little as you’d like. Permanent chastity is usually a longer length of time and can involve more complex locking mechanisms than a temporary device would provide. That length of time is negotiated ahead of the session between yourself and your Mistress, and many times it’s about finding out if chastity phone sex is something you’re even interested in.

Chastity mindset

Men in chastity, those who were curious and hadn’t tried it before, fall into one of two categories; either they love it or they hate it. Very few men have ever come back to me after experiencing chastity play and said, “Well, I can take it or leave it.” And it’s one of those things that you really don’t know which way you fall until you’re actually locked. Sure, curiosity will take you to the aisle with the CB-6000, but whether or not you get the same rush isn’t going to happen until you hear that ‘snick’ of a lock being closed. This is why negotiations are very important the first time you try anything new, but especially chastity. It could be that you’re excited by the idea of it, but not necessarily the practice. If it’s uncomfortable for you or you just absolutely HATE it, don’t be afraid to say something. It should be an experience you share with your Mistress, not enduring for her.

Precautions before you leap

For the purposes of a phone relationship, always make sure you have access to a secondary key in some fashion. Whether you choose to lock yourself up and mail the key to your office to arrive over the weekend, or freeze a key in a block of ice, make sure you have access to it. You never know when something could come up and you need to get out of your device. I once had a slave who had to suddenly fly overseas and he was wearing a metal device. He’d begged to send me the keys to his device, but we’d compromised on his using the US Postal service to mail one key while keeping the other at the top of his closet. Always remember your safety is paramount to anything else.

If you would like to discuss with me whether permanent chastity is for you, feel free to give me a call anytime I’m available. I’ll be happy to help you consider the pros and cons!


  1. I found it to be a quick and sudden lifestyle change. I’m in a female driven, cuckold relationship now. My gf brought up the idea of me being in chastity, then it quickly graduated to long term. Besides that, the only sex we have consist now of me going down on her, and her regularly using her strap on me.
    I have noticed a few things. Having to take my mind off of sex to a pod getting an erection has allowed me more clarity, enabling me to focus more on work. Oddly enough, I ended up getting a raise at work since the boss was so impressed with me. If he only knew why that.was. lol!
    I have noticed as a result of long term chastity, I know this is not the norm, but in my case there has been significant penis shrinkage. My gf was actually overjoyed by this

  2. Hi Ryan!

    I love how you put it: If it’s uncomfortable for you or you just absolutely HATE it, don’t be afraid to say something. It should be an experience you share with your Mistress, not enduring for her.

    So few words which say a lot about involving kink play and chastity and how you “see it” . It shows what a thoughtful Mistress you are. I know and many know you can be strict, but with that one phrase and your emphasis on negotiation tells the potential pet they are in very kinky, experienced and safe hands with you!

    Something every virgin chastity pet needs to take that leap!

    See you around the Empire, sexy!

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