Why I love being a Chastity Mistress

Why I love being a Chastity Mistress

Femdom chastity is, admittedly, a bit of a niche subject. Most men don’t want to be locked up for any length of time, or at all, in fact. But there is a larger minority than one might think who does want to be locked up in Femdom chastity. And those guys are the ones I’d like to talk to today.

I enjoy being a Femdom chastity Mistress because, well, honestly, it’s fun to lock up a man’s cock! There’s no greater type of cock control than having actual, physical control over it in the form of a (locking) chastity device. I do so love being a keyholder!

But in addition to the pure enjoyment of controlling a man’s dick in that manner, there’s the added benefit that chaste slaves tend to be more obedient and better focused on their Mistress’s pleasure than non-chaste slaves. That’s because they’re not fixating on their cocks and their own arousal. They know that they’re only allowed out when I say so, so there’s no point in worrying about it. It’ll happen as I command it, and that’s all they need to know.

Of course, just because you’re locked up, that doesn’t mean we’re going to neglect your cock altogether. A little cock teasing while in chastity never hurt anyone. It’s good to get a man all worked up and then deny him, as a reminder of who is in charge here!

Are you curious about Femdom chastity? If “yes,” let’s talk!


  1. Hello Mistress Ryan. I don’t believe I’ve left you a comment before, so with your permission, my name is little peg, a pet of Mistress Erika.
    As part of our journey, I began locking up for Mistress a couple years ago. Searching for the next area to explore and with discretion a must, chastity seemed like a perfect fit! So far it is!
    It’s understandable that a man would recoil at the thought of this activity, but I embrace being embraced.
    Currently I am in my third, and smallest cage thus far…a little device I have coined “Loch Less” (preceded by “iron-micro”) and a little pink resin device which now seems to have more room to roam than the Ponderosa!
    Mistress allows me from time to time, but it must be earned. It is something I expect. You may surmise that from all these descriptions my dimensions are somewhat…well, below average.
    This could likely explain why I took to this like a duck to water.
    Is it presumptuous to think it’s easier to control a sissy clit as opposed to a man’s cock?
    Thank you for your time Mistress Ryan, I’ve enjoyed reading and submitting a comment

    little peg
    1. What a lovely introduction of yourself! I’m so pleased you’ve found what works for you and a Mistress who can enforce those desires!
      Perhaps we’ll have a chance to chat together with Mistress Erika!


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