Why I love being a Chastity Mistress

Why I love being a Chastity Mistress

Femdom chastity is, admittedly, a bit of a niche subject. Most men don’t want to be locked up for any length of time, or at all, in fact. But there is a larger minority than one might think who does want to be locked up in Femdom chastity. And those guys are the ones I’d like to talk to today.

I enjoy being a Femdom chastity Mistress because, well, honestly, it’s fun to lock up a man’s cock! There’s no greater type of cock control than having actual, physical control over it in the form of a (locking) chastity device. I do so love being a keyholder!

But in addition to the pure enjoyment of controlling a man’s dick in that manner, there’s the added benefit that chaste slaves tend to be more obedient and better focused on their Mistress’s pleasure than non-chaste slaves. That’s because they’re not fixating on their cocks and their own arousal. They know that they’re only allowed out when I say so, so there’s no point in worrying about it. It’ll happen as I command it, and that’s all they need to know.

Of course, just because you’re locked up, that doesn’t mean we’re going to neglect your cock altogether. A little cock teasing while in chastity never hurt anyone. It’s good to get a man all worked up and then deny him, as a reminder of who is in charge here!

Are you curious about Femdom chastity? If “yes,” let’s talk!

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