How to please a dominant woman

How to please a dominant woman

If you’ve recently found yourself drawn to female domination and domination phone sex, you may be wondering how to please a dominant woman. The answer is actually quite simple–a D/s relationship is like all other relationships. It requires the same things most other relationships in your life do. Communication.

A dominant woman likes a man who communicates his expectations, his wishes, his limits, his desires, and even just the mundane details of his day because that means the lines of communication are open between the two of them. A Femdom is a lot of things, but a mind reader she is not. So, if you would like her to know something about you, you just have to tell her.

Another key to a healthy relationship with a dominant woman is attentiveness to her needs. You are here to serve her, not the other way around. Listen carefully when she tells you to do something, and ask questions if you need to. It’s much easier to clarify things to start with than it is to have to do something more than once because the instructions were misunderstood.

In addition to simply obeying, it’s also nice if you try to anticipate her needs, too. If she’s had a long day, perhaps you could have dinner simmering on the stove and a hot bath drawn when she gets home, for example. She will appreciate this sort of gesture from you because it means you think of her outside of your sexual and BDSM fantasies.

If you would like to discuss how to please a dominant woman in greater detail, why not give me a call? I am a dominant woman (obviously), and I would be happy to let you know how you can please me!

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