Masturbation Endurance Games:  How Long Can You Last?

Masturbation Endurance Games: How Long Can You Last?

I have always been delighted by tease and delay-type games. One of those games is called Pass The Penis, and I actually wrote about how to play it last week. This week, I’d like to discuss *why* I enjoy masturbation endurance games so much.

I don’t know why, but I find it very interesting to see just how long different people can hold out. It’s another one of those things that reminds us that all people are different, I suppose, and it’s just interesting to see how that applies to each person.

What’s even more fascinating is watching a particular person’s endurance change over time. The more you play masturbation endurance games, the longer you’ll be able to last. This is nice, both when you’re masturbating (because it creates a more explosive orgasm at the end) and when you’re with a partner (because it gives you more stamina to please your partner).

I like working with you guys, playing tease and delay games like Pass The Penis, to help you increase your stamina. It’s good for me because I just enjoy talking with you for longer periods of time as you play with yourself. And it’s good for you because the aforementioned reasons about explosive orgasms and more stamina for your partner.

So if you’d like to try out a little tease and delay phone sex to see where your baseline endurance is, give me a call. We’ll see where you are right now, and then we’ll start working to extend the time you can masturbate before you have to orgasm. It’ll definitely be worth it for you if you give it a try!

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  1. Ms Ryan, all great reasons to love masturbation games! We are on the same page, love to watch a stroker’s evolution over time! The best “review” is when we finally do release them is “fuk fuk fuk ffffffffuuuuuk, holy cr@p WOW, fukkkkkkkk.

    ha ha ha!

    You are so much fun Ms Ryan, anyone who doesn’t take you up on this offer and tease is foolish! 😘

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