Orgasm Edging Fun In The New Year

Orgasm Edging Fun In The New Year

Hello again, my dears. This month’s Site of the Month is orgasm edging.

Edging is what makes guided masturbation phone sex so delightful, if you ask me. Without it, you’d just be rushing to the finish line. And in that case, the finish line would simply be an unsatisfying orgasm, and that’s no fun for anyone involved. Even though I’m not the one doing the cumming, I want to hear a very satisfied noise on your end when you’re finished. That’s how I know I’ve done a good job!

Orgasm Edging Makes JOI Better

The JOI of guided masturbation (see what I did there?) is that edging makes it so much better. For every time you edge without actually going over the edge, your orgasm will be exponentially more intense and, therefore, more satisfying. And that’s what we want, isn’t it? At least, I hope that’s what we want.

Riding the edge is a thrill in and of itself, too. It can become a fun challenge, an exciting game to play with yourself, to see if you can beat your last number of edges this time. It really intensifies the feeling of the whole thing and makes it last longer, too.

Edging Is Really Simple

All you have to do in order to engage in orgasm edging is to tell me you want to try it. I’ll tell you to stroke for me and let me know when you’re close to cumming. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. I’ll tell you to stop when you’re close, and you just have to obey. No thinking, no worrying, no nothing. Just obeying what your Masturbatrix tells you to do. Simple, right?

Once you’ve recovered from your first edge, I’ll instruct you to continue stroking. We’ll go back and forth that way several times until you’re ready to explode! Then, I’ll let you cum (probably). See? Orgasm edging phone sex is easy and totally worth trying sometime


  1. Hi Ms Ryan,

    Love this post! You are right, of course, about how mind-blowing orgasm edging can be! Could you imagine anyone not doing it? My question is for those who are reading, how many “edges” have you been able to do “on your own” and if you’ve had an orgasm-edging session with a Mistress, how many then?

    Then on a scale of cold as fuck to hot as hell, which rates higher? alone or with Mistress? 😏

    See you around the Empire, Ms R! 😘

  2. I love to edge! The most edges I’ve done at one sitting was 15 on the 16th one I couldn’t stop and I went over but I only let myself have a ruined orgasm. I have never done this with anyone. Just by myself.

    Slutsky Sluterson

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