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Cock Stroking 101 – Basic Equipment

Cock Stroking 101 – Basic Equipment

Stroking your cock doesn’t require much equipment, at it’s most basic. If it did, you wouldn’t have been doing it the same way for so long! But what happens when you get tired of just doing the same old way? Some of you explore new techniques; others read up on enhancing your fantasies. And some of you … well, you get “stuck.” Follow this checklist to improve your next jerk-off session (or bring some of these items to your next guided masturbation call!). To coin a phrase, “Something tried, something true, nothing dried, Let’s screw!”

Slippery When Wet – Lube

Friction is everything, but sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. Finding a good quality lube to go with your cock stroking is one of the most critical pieces of the process that gets overlooked. You would be surprised how many of my callers tell me they’ve never tried lube, and less amazed by how many of them then come back and tell me how amazing the difference is once they’ve tried it.

Several years ago, Men’s Health released an article on choosing the perfect lube for your penis. While their article was geared towards overall reasons to use lube, they did have a portion dedicated to masturbation. Their recommended lube is one I also put at the top of my list; Boy Butter. It’s easy clean-up, lasts a good, long while for those extended sessions, and has a reasonable price-tag. It’s also mostly chemical-free for those of us with sensitivities. If you don’t want to order online, you can always go to the local drugstore and pick up a mass-market product, but be aware of what you’re grabbing. Water-based lubes are easy to clean up, but they dry out surprisingly fast (I know … water that dries??), while oil-based lubes are just sticky and gloppy messes you have to be careful not to get onto anything. Silicone lube is nice, but again, they can get messy, so use them sparingly.

Get A Grip – Technique

gripSo you have the slick, now let’s talk about technique. I mean, sure, you can grab hold and go to town, but you’ve been doing that, and there’s a reason you are here. There’s more to it than just back and forth, up and down! When you place a call to your phone sex mistress (or do it on your own!) you can discover a whole new world of twist, turn, tug, and tighten. Did you know you can get off just by rubbing the head of your cock? It doesn’t happen quickly, but the sensation is one you’ll never forget (okay so it’s technically a version of edge play. Sue me; I like teasing).  Sure, the up and down is easy, but with a little practice, so can some of the newer techniques. Ever try just using a few fingers, but increasing the pressure? How about palming the shaft while you pump your hips?

Clean Up – Aisle YOU

It never fails. The moment after you cum, you go to reach for something to clean up and … all you have is your underwear. Or a shirt you stripped off. Of course, you’re going to do laundry, but you’re never going to not think of that article of clothing as being “something you came on.” Do yourself a favor and grab a towel, a wet-nap, or even some tissue before the main event. It makes your life easier and saves you on laundry soap!


Short Erotica

Short Erotica

Many of you have expressed interest in reading some of my writing. So I thought I’d make a habit of posting a little tidbit. Think of this as fanfiction for gay porn. The two characters are Danny Gunn and, well, it could be anyone; could even be you. Anyway, thank you for being willing to read my porn.

The Conference

He idly wondered if he was ever going to get out of this fucking meeting. Well, no. He was idly wondering if he was ever going to get out of this meeting, so he could fuck. Yeah, that was definitely closer to the truth. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he smirked. He knew exactly who was messaging him, there was no reason to look at his phone. It was more fun to smile across the conference room table at him.

He had noticed the blonde man almost from the first moment he sat down. He had no idea who the man was, but his cock twitched hard enough he had to catch his breath. The almost delicate features were in stark contrast to a mouth that was made of every one of the seven deadly sins. He had never in his life been so grateful for the tedious task of going around the table with introductions. He idly made note of names of others before his dark honeyed seduction introduced himself.

“Danny, Manufacturing,” he said in a firm voice. He noted his voice was clear, a tenor to his own bass. As he turned to smile at the others sitting at the table, their eyes caught and held for a moment longer than was professionally necessary. He couldn’t be sure if he’d seen those icy blue eyes widen ever so slightly; eyebrow arching up delicately. He tuned the introductions out until it was his turn. He deliberately looked at Danny when he spoke, as though introducing himself directly to the man.

He smiled as he noticed Danny turning to his phone before his next breath after he’d mentioned his name. The smirk came as he realized the gamble worked.

It’s the end of the year and you need to feel fine

End of the year is a time to examine everything that we loved (and hated) about the year we’re leaving behind. And 2017 is a great year to be leaving in the dust. I can’t speak for everyone but, for myself, this last year sucked. I mean, 2017 had some truly beautiful moments but, overall, it was a punch to the face wearing no gloves. There’s no easy way to explain everything we’ve been through, except to acknowledge it’s been a rough one to get through. On the plus side, congratulations for making it to the end!

End of the year blues

Despite how much this year took the wind out of my sails, I’m always a bit melancholy on New Year’s Eve. Looking back on the year, I certainly had positive moments. Moving further north at the beginning of the year, surviving my first hurricane party (renal failure notwithstanding), discovering an inner bottom I wasn’t aware I even had. I’m not sad about any of these things but … I guess I’m sad that I can only ever experience those things once. Certainly I can enjoy the residuals (no, not renal failure. That wasn’t fun and I don’t want to do that again) but that magic of the very first time … that will never be the same.

New Year Nervousness

As much as I will miss everything I’ve experienced for the first time, I have a certain amount of nervous energy about 2018. What will it bring into my life? What joys are waiting for me? What heartbreak will be in my future? (Please, I can’t take any more hits. Don’t take that as a challenge, Universe) What are my goals for the end of the year 2018? It’s all a blank slate and the future is bright. Are you wearing your shades? (please. Like you expected I would bypass that particular opportunity?)

Let’s talk soon about what your goals are. What fears do you have about the coming year? Did you accomplish something outstanding in 2017?
It’s a new year. The end of the year is behind us.

Be bold.

Why New Year’s resolutions are a blankety-blank

Why New Year’s resolutions are a blankety-blank

“This year, my resolutions are …,”

We’ve all done it, so you may as well own it. Every year, right about this time, we all start talking about the New Year’s resolutions we’re making. We’re all going to quit smoking. We’re all going to lose weight. We’re all going to take more time for ourselves and spend less time working. We’re going to get that promotion. We’re going to live somewhere that doesn’t have boob sweat. All these resolutions are promises to ourselves that we’re going to be better next year. But are we setting ourselves up for failure? Are resolutions helpful or harmful? Why can’t we just love ourselves?

Self-harming resolutions


“I’m going to lose one hundred and fifteen pounds by June twentieth because I have a wedding I’m going to. I talked to this doctor online and they signed me up for a six hundred calorie per day diet. It promises results in the first two weeks!”

I wish I could say I’m kidding but that is something someone has said to me in the last twelve days. And to look at her, you would never think there’s seventy-five pounds that she needs to lose, let alone one hundred and fifteen! And sadly, she is not the only person that I know of who makes resolutions that are actually harmful. As a whole, society bombards us with commercials and images that show people getting into shape, sweating on a treadmill (in full makeup no less), buying workout gear (No, Janice, you do not need a subscription to buying workout gear), and make it seem as though you can simply jump off your couch and be that person. Then they advertise crash diets, fad workouts, or magic pills that will “melt your fat away”. None of these things are good for you. And they will hurt you.

Helpful resolutions

If your goal is to achieve weight loss, look into speaking with a nutritionist. If your goal is to workout more, start small. Start walking around the dining room table, then down the street, and then perhaps look into a gym membership. Don’t try to run a 5k in February when you’ve never even made it to ten thousand steps in a day. Instead of eating less, eat smarter; look into eating habits that support your whole body. Make a routine for yourself to do meal prep one day a week. Sign up for a subscription dinner box. Yes, they can be expensive but if you’re smart about them, you can make them work. Try a few different companies and make your decision from there. You can also look into healthy snack boxes that come pre-portioned.

If your goal is to just move more, make it fun. Set a realistic goal (thirty thousand steps in a week) and reward yourself with a manicure. Or perhaps a book you’ve been wanting to read. Something that has nothing to do with clothes or numbers on a scale. I reward myself with really indulgent coffee. Technically not food and still a true pleasure for me.

Self-care resolutions

You can also make resolutions that help you to take care of yourself. Yes, the walking steps is helpful but I’m talking about routines that help you to recharge. I’ve made resolutions to meditate at least three times a week, or to save all my spare change and whatever it comes up to at the end of the year is my “getaway money”. In 2018, I’m participating in the “$5000 52 Week Money Challenge” to save five thousand dollars by the end of the year. I have no idea how I’m going to spend it, but I’m making a resolution to save it.

New Year’s resolutions are fun and, whether you achieve them or not, remember that loving yourself is the most important aspect. You don’t have to kill yourself to achieve the perfect body by February; you can still enjoy cream in your coffee. Make a resolution to love yourself no matter what and you’ve already made it further than most.

Good luck.


Do orgasms really matter to men? The pros and cons of orgasm training.

Do orgasms really matter to men? The pros and cons of orgasm training.

Orgasms. Are they important? If you ask any man on the planet, he’d probably answer yes; but then again, he’s interested in getting off whereas I’m interested in controlling it. You see, I don’t believe in giving men orgasms unless they’ve truly earned it. Worked for it. Shown me they deserve to have their orgasms. So let’s explore whether or not orgasms are important or if training yourself to not orgasm isn’t a better choice.

I want orgasms

The obvious benefit to orgasms is how good they feel. Your body gets flush, your hips start to rock faster, and this weight starts to build in the pit of your stomach. Whether you’re masturbating or fucking, the feeling is the same (internally anyway) and we spend our entire adult lives chasing after how good that very first orgasm we ever had felt. Yes, I’m talking about the one you triggered, not your first wet dream. But there are also other benefits to orgasms.

Medical benefits of orgasms

As much as it pains me to admit it, there are actual benefits to having an orgasm that can’t be denied. To start with (and this one is really more of a benefit to me than you) it helps you sleep better. I’m not even going to deny this one is a benefit because … well I’m sure you’re all familiar with my love of coffee. But for those of you out there that work as hard as I do, something that helps to ease you back to sleep is definitely important.

You can also alleviate pain through orgasms. Now, you aren’t going to get rid of the kind of pain that CBT can cause (thank god) but if you have an ache or a “twinge”, cumming will actually help you. Orgasms trigger the release of oxytocin, which is a major contributor to relaxation (Or you can just eat a fuck ton of chocolate?). It’s the magic chemical that makes natural childbirth possible and another reason why women are superior to men.

Surprisingly, it can actually make you smarter. Well, at the least, it can stave off dementia. Orgasms increase blood flow to every part of your brain, which can slow the neural degradation we all suffer from as we age. So … masturbate daily to keep the dumb away, I guess?

Health benefits to orgasms

As mentioned above, orgasms help you to sleep and a good night’s sleep can help you to maintain your overall health. In a study at Caerphilly Cohort Study in 1997, it was found that men who orgasm more frequently actually live longer! No, this doesn’t mean orgasms will make you immortal (but it doesn’t NOT mean that either).

In “news that will shock no one”, orgasms also make women happier. And you want to make sure your woman is happy or you’re going to find yourself eating hasenpfeffer for dinner for a good, long while. Okay so that’s perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but there are actual studies out there that show women are less depressed when they have unprotected sex with a trusted partner. Key word there is “trusted” … keep using condoms when you’re having sex until you’re tested and clean and trustworthy.

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for. Orgasms increase testosterone in your body. So the stories you heard about that guy in high school who was such a stud, he could fuck for days? Yeah … turns out, the more you cum, the more testosterone you have.

You don’t deserve orgasms

Now that we’ve discussed the “pros”, let’s talk cons. First and foremost, in my world, is that it takes your focus away from me and puts it firmly on you. I don’t care how many times you tell me you think of me as you cum, I know it’s bullshit. And that’s okay (for other women) occasionally but I want your focus directly on me at any and every point of our intimacy. When your orgasm starts, you’re thinking about how good it feels for you, not whether or not I’m getting off. This has been proven time and again by every woman who has ever had to finish herself off after her lover finished and fell asleep. This is another reason why I operate on the “you nut, you leave” policy. I’m not here to snuggle with you. You want someone to snuggle with, get a puppy. I live in Florida, the land of boob sweat. I don’t want you laying next to me, sweating on my sheets.

Another “con” is in how good it feels to not orgasm. I know, doesn’t seem to make sense but hear me out. If you are denied your orgasms for a period of time, the first cum you have after that period of denial feels even closer to that mythical first orgasm you had. With tease and denial, or even tease and delay, you can improve your orgasm by not having one. So by letting you jerk off every day, I’m allowing you to miss out on something truly spectacular. And I’d feel awful if I didn’t ensure you felt every moment.

There are far more “pros” than there are “cons” but, this is my world you’re living in. Chastity is definitely in your future.

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Let’s talk about racism in porn (and why it’s a shitty shade of segregation)

Let’s talk about racism in porn (and why it’s a shitty shade of segregation)

We all know racism lives on in our society. All you have to do is look at the controversy surrounding NFL players taking a knee. Or listen to Beyonce’s Formation. Anywhere and everywhere you look, racism can be seen. The #BlackLivesMatter movement started it and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Personally, I cannot abide any style of racism or discrimination; segregation was settled in 1954 with Brown v The Board of Education of Topeka. Separate but equal is bullshit. That’s why we have seats on busses, integrated school systems, and abolished lunch counters. (okay that’s a lie. Lunch counters were abolished when “homecooked” food became unpopular.) So why, in 2017, are we still fighting the same fight again? And who the fuck let racism into my porn?

Raci- who?

On 22 November, the gay arm of the AVN (@GayVN on twitter) announced they would be hosting an award show in 2018. The last awards show from GayVN was in 2010 so perhaps they felt it was time. Whatever the reason, I soon started to see a flurry of congratulations flying back and forth among some of my favourite performers. I was honestly pleased for them; they work hard and deserve the recognition. Not to mention, if I’d had the opportunity to attend, who doesn’t love to get all dolled up? And then, a day or so later, one such performer that I admire, Hugh Hunter, posted something on his twitter wherein he “respectfully declined” the nomination because of the open racism and segregation.

A dick is a dick

To say the least, I was confused and a bit surprised. I admit to my own privileged ignorance when it comes to racism in the adult film industry; I noticed that there are precious few performers that aren’t buff, gorgeous, white, men. And of those performers that don’t fit that role, their opportunities are limited to being fetishized. Black performers are relegated to wife-stealing bulls whereas Asian performers are stereotyped for their tiny stature. Sadly, I can’t say that I was a huge champion of their cause before this award announcement. But moving forward, you can bet your Queen Bits’ panties that I’ll shine a bloody floodlight on it. Performers should be categorized by many things; ability to act, ability to stay hard, ability to make my panties implode when they start making out … wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah … dicks.

Best … WHAT?

So, back to my outrage. When Hugh respectfully declined his nomination, he posted the below.

Take a minute and read that. I mean, yes by all means, go read the entire letter (it’s scathingly beautiful) … but just read that first line and let it sink in. Really sink in.

Best ethnic scene

So let me get this perfectly straight, because I wouldn’t want to be misunderstood. The Adult Video News brand, through it’s gay division thought having a best ethnic scene was acceptable. Like, they couldn’t just have a “Best Scene” and nominated the non-whites in with the whites but oh no! They felt the best course of action would be to segregate an already underserved and marginalized percentage of it’s performers. So whoever wins can say they got an award for being both (race) and (position) as opposed to just winning for that position. Asinine doesn’t even begin to explain how ridiculous that sounds when you read it out loud, right?

Eradicate racism

We cannot tolerate racism at any level. We should not allow racism and segregation to make any performer feel lesser than. Already, a few performers have joined Hugh Hunter in his refusal of the nomination and I hope more join in the fight. Judge a performer for their performance, regardless of whether they are white, black, ocre, dandelion yellow, or grey with indigo stripes. Please take a moment to tweet to @gayvn and add your voice to the fight.

Tag me in your Tweet and I’ll happily throw three free minutes at you. @RyanEKillian