Fetish: The Care and Feeding of your Sexuality

Every person you know has a fetish (yes, even “that” neighbor) for something. There are no explanations for it, no rhyme or reason to what turns us all on, but it’s something every person in history shares. The difference comes in the “type” or “flavor” of fetish you enjoy, as some are more socially acceptable… Continue reading Fetish: The Care and Feeding of your Sexuality

Cuckoldry: Ridiculous or Romantic?

Cuckold relationships tend to be very black and white, so to speak. People have very definite feelings about their validity as both a lifestyle and as a kink. In the following few paragraphs, I’m going to explain what this lifestyle is from an outsider’s perspective, show the pros and cons, and shine some light on… Continue reading Cuckoldry: Ridiculous or Romantic?