Enchantrix Ryan Killian

Precall Questionnaire


What would you like me to call you?

What is your email address?

What is your preferred session type?
 What is your preferred session type? 
 I love texting! (check out my sexytexting promotion (https://ryankillian.com/2021/12/lets-talk-about-sexy-texting/) for 2022!)  
 A mix of phone and texting 
Have we spoken in the past?
 I’ve never called LDW before  
 I’ve called LDW, but mostly spoke to other Mistresses 
 You and I are old friends 
What is your estimated timeframe for our session?
 In the next twenty-four hours  
 In the next week 
 I don’t have a timeframe picked out yet 
What is your estimated window of time to spend together?
 I like quick conversations (under twenty minutes)  
  I like to flesh out our conversations (twenty to forty-five minutes)  
 I’m relaxed about time (more than sixty minutes) 
In a few sentences, please describe the type of call you’re interested in (roleplay, CEI, JOI, non-sexual chit-chat, etc.)

Do you want to be viewed on cam during our session? (SKYPE or DISCORD)
 First option 
 Yes and I’ve added you on SKYPE (mistressryan) or Discord (EnchantrixRyanK#1066)  
Do you have any toys that you like to use, or you’d like me to use on you?
Please list any turn-offs or negative triggers that you’d like me to avoid during our session.