Let’s talk about sexy texting

Sexy texting is the perfect solution for when you need to get off without getting on. You can quietly and discreetly order a session to have an erotic fantasy with the Mistress of your choosing without having to worry about making a sound! EnchantrixEmpire offers sexy texting solutions via SKYPE, Discord, and even email packages if that’s your thing, and as of 2022, you can order a session with me!

Are you at work and need to tell me about the humiliating experience you had in the locker room in the gym last night? Is your wife asleep beside you and you don’t want to wake her up to tell me about her date? For years, I’ve had people asking when I will be offering texting sessions but I simply wasn’t set up to offer them until now! For 2022, to relaunch my availability for laughing at your cock while you quietly show me pictures (or even better, live video!)

Beginning on Jan 1, 2022 every paid texting session will enter your name to win thirty free sexy texting minutes with me! Winners will be announced and notified of their winnings by the end of day on the first of the following month and your credit will be applied to your account. These free minutes are only applicable to TEXTING sessions, not phone sessions, so please bear that in mind.