Let’s talk about sexy texting

Sexy texting is the perfect solution for when you need to get off without getting on. You can quietly and discreetly order a session to have an erotic fantasy with the Mistress of your choosing without having to worry about making a sound! EnchantrixEmpire offers sexy texting solutions via SKYPE, Discord, and even email packages if that’s your thing, and as of 2022, you can order a session with me!

Are you at work and need to tell me about the humiliating experience you had in the locker room in the gym last night? Is your wife asleep beside you and you don’t want to wake her up to tell me about her date? For years, I’ve had people asking when I will be offering texting sessions but I simply wasn’t set up to offer them until now! For 2022, to relaunch my availability for laughing at your cock while you quietly show me pictures (or even better, live video!)

Beginning on Jan 1, 2022 every paid texting session will enter your name to win thirty free sexy texting minutes with me! Winners will be announced and notified of their winnings by the end of day on the first of the following month and your credit will be applied to your account. These free minutes are only applicable to TEXTING sessions, not phone sessions, so please bear that in mind.

Short Erotica

Many of you have expressed interest in reading some of my writing. So I thought I’d make a habit of posting a little tidbit. Think of this as fanfiction for gay porn. The two characters are Danny Gunn and, well, it could be anyone; could even be you. Anyway, thank you for being willing to read my porn.

The Conference

He idly wondered if he was ever going to get out of this fucking meeting. Well, no. He was idly wondering if he was ever going to get out of this meeting, so he could fuck. Yeah, that was definitely closer to the truth. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he smirked. He knew exactly who was messaging him, there was no reason to look at his phone. It was more fun to smile across the conference room table at him.

He had noticed the blonde man almost from the first moment he sat down. He had no idea who the man was, but his cock twitched hard enough he had to catch his breath. The almost delicate features were in stark contrast to a mouth that was made of every one of the seven deadly sins. He had never in his life been so grateful for the tedious task of going around the table with introductions. He idly made note of names of others before his dark honeyed seduction introduced himself.

“Danny, Manufacturing,” he said in a firm voice. He noted his voice was clear, a tenor to his own bass. As he turned to smile at the others sitting at the table, their eyes caught and held for a moment longer than was professionally necessary. He couldn’t be sure if he’d seen those icy blue eyes widen ever so slightly; eyebrow arching up delicately. He tuned the introductions out until it was his turn. He deliberately looked at Danny when he spoke, as though introducing himself directly to the man.

He smiled as he noticed Danny turning to his phone before his next breath after he’d mentioned his name. The smirk came as he realized the gamble worked.