How does your Masturbation May end?

How does your Masturbation May end?

Happy Masturbation May and Welcome to my blog take over of the lovely Mistress Ryan. If you have been following this years Masturbation May blog train you will have seen Ms. Ryans post was recently posted over on my blog here, Happy Masturbation May!

Masturbation May it end with a big finish?

Masturbation May, do, you think you will end your sexy month with a BIG Finish? Before I get more into that…

Hee-hee is your world turned upside down with coming to the beautiful Mistress Ryans blog to find ME here? Hee-hee I just love Masturbation May and when I heard that I can blog switch with the Beautifully Wicked Mistress Ryan, How can I say no?

Masturbation May is a huge deal here over at LDW. 

One thing you can count on over at the Empire is our Mistresses and most of our clients love Masturbation May. We do something new and different every year to celebrate and tease and torment you. So, this year will be no different. We have been blog switching. So, if you just learned this here is where you can start from the beginning. Ms. Becky’s Masturbation May 31 Days of edging.

But how will your Masturbation May 2022 End? 

That all depends on your Mistress… I personally love to say NO! But you know… Some might show you mercy and say “yes, you can cum!”  Aww… Doesn’t that make your horny dick get so happy at the thought? I bet it does.  If you do get to cum. I really hope you earned it. I think you must have been a really good stroker slut to get that orgasm. 

If you do get to cum will you eat it?  

I know not all of you are into cum eating. That’s okay. Really. I might love being a cum eating couch but I do like so many of the wonderful Mistresses here at LDW respect your personal boundaries and limits. So if this is not something you are into. I respect that. But for those of you that do and get to cum. I expect you to eat it. Eat it and enjoy! You earned it!

So, I want to hear from you. How did your Masturbation May End? Did you get that much desired orgasm that you wanted? I can’t help but smirk as I type that question. I know I am crossing my fingers hearing that your Mistress said, nope! You still have some edging to do! 

Your Phone Sex Princess, Andimasturbation may, shower tease, Begging for Your Princess

The next stop on the Masturbation May Blog Tour is with Ms. Stephanie, posting on Shari’s blog! Follow this link:


  1. Is it really masturbation if you don’t finish? Wouldn’t it just be stroking and edging? Anyway reading your sexy blog post, Princess Andi got me nice and hard!


  2. I have a suspicion that masturbation May will end with lots of begging. Begging to stroke, begging to cum, begging for release. And plenty of denial, and then.. oh.. more begging. What a treat it will be for the horny toys to beg for permission from Princess Andi. (grins)😘😈

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  4. It’s July 4 should I keep looking at Mistress Andi’s photo ? Oh my that ass oh my those panties if I keep looking the fire works will start . May I cum?

    April Shirley Tucker

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